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Rainbow exhibition – forum, art platform, happening

inform, inspire, entertain, network
encourage exchange, inspire creativity

TouTube: Rainbow 01

The rainbow exhibition is intended to be set up by an inspired and enthusiastic partner in a community, building a bridge to the local population and encouraging people to take part in the game and become actively involved.

The project understands itself a platform for art and communication fostering exchange of ideas, experience, knowledge – on a regional, national and global level. The main aim is to set up process-oriented spaces, where people can play and make encounters, spaces offering activities calling on all senses.

The rainbow exhibition is a project on the road – from community to community, from region to region, from country to country. Every city or village creates its own experience field, encouraging new encounters and broadening the visitors' horizon and imagination.

The first rainbow exhibition was initiated to celebrate the turn of the millennium – Rainbow 01 …

Rainbow 01 – At the Kulturmuehle and the village of Luetzelflueh. Rainbow exhibition for five weeks featuring forum events, workshops, a rainbow pub and events in the village.

Rainbow 02 – In the summer 2002 the rainbow exhibition was hosted for 10 days at Bad Sulza, a hot springs resort near Weimar, Germany.

The film "Regenbogen 01 – Ein Dorf zeigt Farbe" (German for "Rainbow 01 – a village shows its colours") is a 50-minute film collage on Rainbow 01 completed with a five minute sequence on Rainbow 02.

A school is building bridges. Inspired and enthusiastic about Rainbow 01, the Lyss high school organised a project week on the topic of the rainbow at the school house and in the village. Because of the positive response to this project week at Lyss, we also encourage schools and cultural centres to stage their own rainbow project. The Rainbow Project team gladly supports anyone interested in setting up their own projects.

Tables including pictures and text are the starting point for the rainbow exhibitions.