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Mountain to Mountain – Culture Bridge Switzerland-Nepal

As a result of the social circumstances in Nepal, many children lose their cultural roots and with that an important part of their identity.

The Culture Bridge will give a voice to interested children by music and art – a chance not to forget their rich culture, by becoming a part of a process of "learning and creating by doing".

Therefore the earnings of promotion events, donations and concerts/gatherings by nepalese and international musicians and the sale of the DVD/CD will be used for chidren-musicprojects and cultural projects in Kathmandu. We have been able to buy instruments or have them made for the children: Sarangis (nepalese violin), Madals (nepali drum), Bansuri flutes, harmoniums, Dhime, Khein and Jhali. We pay for the music lessons and provide practise rooms in the Music House at Kirtipur.

"If a child finds joy in its own voice or music, its family does too; society as a whole is enriched and cutlure is kept alive." Thomas Bertschi

YouTube: Mountain to Mountain