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World Bell Concert 2007

Bells are music, bells connect, bells make you listen

YouTube: World Bell Concert

>Worldwide concert: What do Buenos Aires, Dresden, Cologne, Dar es Salaam and the 273-soulvillage Grossromstedt near Weimar have in common? They all have bells made in Apolda and they are all taking part in the Global Bell Concert on the 11th August 2007 – just like Magdeburg, Rome, Boston, Lützelflüh in the Emmental valley in Switzerland, Kathmandu in Nepal and Tanunda in Southern Australia...

The bell-founding tradition in Apolda comes alive every four years with a homage to the worldwide bell culture. For the third time after 1999 and 2003, the small Thuringian town will be the technical heart of a global concert with experimental charms. The Global Bell Concert lives up to its name – it does not only take place on Apolda’s market square but also on simultaneous bell festivals all around the world. And with the help of internet and television broadcasts it can be witnessed everywhere on earth.

Under the title Bells are music, the MDR (Central German Broadcasting) will simulcast the happening from Apolda, Dresden and Magdeburg and will show live coverage from Apolda’s bell partners all over the world. From 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm, the complex live programme will be on the air. In addition to MDR’s coverage, the concert can also be watched as a live-stream on the internet on MDR-Online.

Lützelflüh: As in 2003, the bell festival in the village in the Swiss Emmental will be staged by Paul Christ and Thomas Bertschi from the Rainbow Project and connected live with Apolda. We will be able to hear and see the ringing of the bells in Gotthelf-Church in Lützelflüh, the sounds of many bells brought by visitors and the pealing of the bulky cowbells performed by the Treichel group from Schwanden.

More information about the resonance of the worldwide concert